Ultimate Top 5 – Who is the most hated anime character?

who is the most hated anime character

So you´re probably wondering, who is the most hated anime character? It´s Sakura Haruno. Just kidding – or maybe not? Well, let´s dive right into it! I gotta tell you there isn´t that one character, but we all agree that certain people just suck. I will list you 5 characters at the end of the article but let me use my talk-no-jutsu first. Feel free to skip tho. 

Anime has given us a plethora of characters we love and admire, but it also has spawned characters that we simply despise. They drive us up the wall, give us an overkill cringe, or even trigger our anger and frustration for just purely existing.

In the anime world, a well-crafted character can evoke strong emotions, whether positive or negative. Sometimes, an anime character is so cunningly designed that it becomes the center of hatred among the fan community. These hated characters may serve their purpose within a story but are loathed due to their actions, attitudes, or even their designs. 

But let´s explore some of the most despised anime characters in the next section and discuss why they have earned such a notorious reputation and why they totally deserve to be hated. Whether they´re antagonist or just plain irritating and useless, these characters have a way of getting on our nerves. So, grab some popcorn as we embark on this journey to unveil the most hated anime character and enjoy the tea.

Reasons for being the most hated anime character

Why do we even hate some characters so much, like what makes them boil our blood? Well, there are several factors at play when looking into the reasons behind our hate against, let´s say, very individual individuals in the anime world, which makes us ask: who is the most hated anime character?

Character Traits

Firstly, character traits can play a significant role in how a character is perceived by the people watching. Some are just designed to piss off the audience with their annoying and useless behavior. I hope that the feminists don´t behead me but it´s often the attention-seeking wannabe important NPC girl characters who think they can save the world and cure cancer with the power of friendship. They also punch other characters for no reason and shout Baka or should I say B-Baka all the time. I know a lot of people agree when I  say: this cringe as hell and annoying on another level.

But also selfish, cowardly, or overly arrogant characters can quickly turn fans against them, especially if they are unloyal, don´t have the balls for anything, or have narcissistic tendencies.


Sometimes it’s not the character traits but rather their actions. Some characters seem pretty chill at the beginning and gain hate through their actions within the storyline. This may also include characters who just can’t stay loyal and betray their people as if they get paid for it. Oftentimes the animosity towards these characters is what fuels a series’ plot and serves as motivation for the protagonist. Just like a villain who kills all his companions for misbehavior or if they failed to impress him.


And in some cases, anime characters might be disliked simply because of their unappealing looks or annoying voice. Especially if a character has only fanservice to offer without any usage throughout the story. These factors may seem superficial but can greatly affect a viewer’s overall experience.


Lastly, a character’s tendencies can also impair them. For example, if a character repeatedly makes poor decisions or acts irrationally, it can lead to frustration for viewers. Remember Dora when she couldn’t pick the obvious object? Yeah, that’s the level of frustration we’re talking about, it can drive someone nuts.

Understanding the reasons behind why certain anime characters are disliked can offer insight into the nuances of character development and storytelling and you may think now “Why didn’t she use any examples?” Let me tell you – I didn’t use any examples because I wanted you to use your brain a bit and make it function so you could think about a character yourself. Maybe you just realized how much you hated a character and just didn’t know. You’re welcome. 

With that said – let’s jump into the interesting part!

Top 5 – Who is the most hated Anime Character?

There isn’t just one, but several characters that have managed to get a lot of (justified) hate among fans. Let’s take a look at some of the most controversial characters and see why almost no one likes them. I’ve listed the 5 most known and hated personalities in a judgemental but unbiased order. I did judge them if you understand but feel free to pick your number-one superstar! 

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno from “Naruto”

I wasn’t joking when I said Sakura Haruno. She’s one of the main characters in “Naruto” and was the running gag for being useless for a good reason. It’s her consistently bitchy and rude personality, especially her obsessive attitude towards Sasuke was very annoying since it clouded her judgment which also made her seem unloyal to her team and village. Sakura was always the weak and helpless one in combat situations while Naruto and Sasuke were out there kicking butts.

To be fair she did improve throughout the series and became less useless but kept being annoying through her tsundere behaviour. It’s not only her personality but the lack of personality since her backstory was pretty boring and her jutsu not that impressive which contributes to her overall uninteresting character.

Yukiteru Amano

Yukiteru Amano from “Future Diary”

Yukiteru Amano, the protagonist of “Future Diary”, is another character of the indecisiveness and cowardice line. As someone who is thrust into a survival game, he should have been more resourceful and assertive. 

However, he mostly relies on others to save him or hesitates in making crucial decisions, which makes it hard for viewers to root for him. He is also a crybaby.

Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji from “Demon Slayer”

Muzan Kibutsuji from “Demon Slayer” is known as an evil, manipulative, and narcissistic cheap version of a Japanese Michael Jackson. He is widely hated for his evil acts and his role as the main antagonist or better said main villain in the story. 

He is most known for simply killing any person for his survival and being triggered by the death. That guy only cares about himself and has proven often enough that he is a coward. He’s literally the embodiment of pure evil with a god complex for the sake of just being evil and even treats his servants brutally and mercilessly while being a shallow crybaby if anything death-related comes up.

Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto Uzumaki from “Naruto”

Boruto Uzumaki from “Boruto” is Naruto’s son and the number one reason for his hate is that he is a spoiled brat. Not a struggling brat like Naruto, which made him interesting. It’s just his whole ass arrogant and annoying personality and the ongoing talk-no-jutsu that has become worse than before.

Another main reason for his immense hate is probably that the anime itself feels like a copy-and-paste version of Naruto and just doesn’t have the same charm. The comparison is real that’s why Boruto is more likely to get hated because he hasn’t lived up to the legacy and Naruto was just a much better Anime.

Shou Tucker

Shou Tucker from “Full Metal Alchemist”

This guy is probably the most hated man in the whole anime universe and my personal number 1 diabolic character – Shou Tucker from “Fullmetal Alchemist”. Don’t get fooled by his innocent first impression he is the most vile, sick, and despicable character of recent years.

And that for a good reason: he turned his daughter and her beloved dog into a more or less talking chimera by using alchemy, just for the sake of scientific curiosity. Shou didn’t just go full mad scientist on his daughter Nina alone but his wife too. This guy is so bad he doesn’t even deserve any number 1 spot.

Why we need hated anime characters  

So, it’s difficult to pinpoint just one character as the most hated anime character, as different people have different opinions. Nevertheless, some characters seem to exist just to be hated and yes we do need those characters. Nothing goes about a good and intense rant. But jokes aside – characters like Muzan do trigger us and basically exist just to be hated but they also keep the story kinda alive. You always have something to talk about and the anime gets advertised – it’s just like the misspelled names on your overpriced Starbucks coffee and it works. I mean a lot of memes and funny insiders exist because of those also and that makes every anime and its fanbase so unique.  

However, this list should give you an idea of who has been considered one of the most hated by many others. So if you never had the answer to the question “Who is the most hated anime character” – I hope you have at least an idea now. If not, take a look at this list I´m sure you will find one character minimum that makes you at least cringe.

What is the most hated Anime?

It’s difficult to choose one Anime as opinions vary greatly among fans. However one of the most common animes include School Days, Pupa, and Highschool of the Dead.

Who is the rudest Anime Character?

There are many rude anime characters but Bakugo from “My Hero Academia” is known for his explosive temper. Otherwise Vegeta from “Dragonball”, Levi Ackerman from “Attack on Titan” and  Senku Ishigami from “Dr. Stone” are pretty rude either.

Who is the most evil Anime Character?

There are many evil characters in anime, but one of the most notorious is Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. He’s a ruthless and sadistic alien overlord who delights in destruction and has committed countless atrocities in his quest for power and domination.

“I hope you don’t hate half of the anime world by now. If you do – keep it up buddy. There will always be people who agree with you. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and comment if you liked this blog article about the topic: Who is the most hated anime character?!”

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